Energy Healing


2 Weeks, August



About the course

Learn the Art of Self-healing using Universal Energies.
The 15 Days Program will equip one to work on Physical, Mental and Emotional health problems. Guided practices, Daily Self-Healing protocol & Aura Cleansing tools will be an important part of the program.
This program is designed with a special consideration of time constraint. Hence, there are small 5-10 mins practices which can be easily practiced by squeezing out few moments from our regular schedules. Practices can be easily followed even by first time meditators.

What will this help in:

- Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Panic, Insomnia or any other common mental health disorder
- Gain emotional balance
- Get rid of mental blockages
- Healing fear, phobia, doubt, hurt, anger, ego, jealousy
- Release emotional distress
- Bring back harmony in relations
- Self-heal

- Orientation Session
This opening session will give participants a detailed understanding of the program along practice guidelines
- 5 Practice Sessions everyday
There will be 1 live session for 20-30 mins every morning. Rest of the 4 sessions (Noon, After noon, Evening, Before Sleep) will be recorded sessions which can be practiced at your convenience. The recordings will have easy to be followed instructions for the particular practice

- Online assistance from 6am -10pm
- Sessions will have Healing practices like 5 Elements Healing, Psychic Cleansing, Aura Strengthening, Subconscious Healing and guided Self healing Meditations

Q: I have never Practiced Meditation, will I be able to do this?
A: Yes, this program is designed in such a way that even first time practitioners can follow.

Q: How will I do these practices along with routine work schedule?
A: The time required for the practices are short enough that it can be easily fitted into regular work schedules

Q: Will this program help in my Physical Health conditions?
A: Yes, The program focuses on healing the life forces which will directly affect the physical health in a positive way

Q: How will this program help in Anxiety , Anger and other Mental Health issues
A: Brain Wave Relaxation and Mind detox are two important objectives of this program. Through this program, one will get immense help in managing negative health conditions like Anxiety, Anger, Panic, Stress issues, Insomnia, Hypertension, depression etc

Q: Can I undergo this program along with my regular medication?
A: Yes, this will help create a conducive inner environment for medicines to work most effectively and will also help negating the side effects , if any.

Q: How will I continue Self Healing practice after the Completion of the Program
A: The program is designed to teach the techniques in a way that it can be self practiced anytime anywhere.

Your Instructor

Ankur Mehta

Ankur Mehta

Ankur is a people's person, a seeker at heart who like to explore. After a short career in academics he moved to foothills of Himalayas and spent over 9 years in ashram life before starting Pause n Learn. He likes sharing 'Love filled Time' with people
You can directly reach out to him on +91-90110-48159