Gratitude & Greatness


3 Weeks, Jan



About the course

This program is designed to break our subconscious pattern of finding the faults around and creating dissatisfaction by focusing upon what we don’t have?
Program will have Daily 2 practices to harness habit of looking greatness around us and developing an attitude of Gratitude.
By practice these given tools regularly, one will train and tame the Mind to work in way which fills life with peace and happiness.

- If you are someone, who is a good critic, if you are known as a Perfectionist, if you are famous for the success you have achieved in less time, then this is for you.
- If you are suffering with Anxiety, Panic, Hypertension, Acidity, Migraine or insomnia, then this is for you.
- If you have been physically unfit with from long time, you feel lack of Zeal and Energy in your daily living.
- If you want to enhance your spiritual experiences and enhance the constant bliss full state of being (Anand)

As the mind will start working in Greatness and Grateful manner, it will have its Immense Impact on Physical, Mental & Spiritual dimensions of your personality.
Program will also have-
- Pre post analysis of each participant
- Once a week live session to clear all the doubts and queries
- 2 Recorded sessions every day. These could be audio/ video files and text

- Researches prove that practice of Greatness and Gratitude help enhance Happy Hormones in our body, which in turn results in pain relief, Internal healing and curing Acidity, Insomnia and Hypertension like symptoms.
- The practice will break the negative and harmful pattern of mind, which will decrease the mental pain arising from Emotional Hurt, expectations Mismatch, dissatisfaction, unexpected behaviour from loved ones.
- As this practice will instil lot of forgiveness and ‘Letting Go’, the resultant will be an open-Heart chakra, which is the basis of most of the Spiritual Practices, one would experience enhanced faith and surrender along with much calmer and peaceful SELF.

Your Instructor

Ankur Mehta

Ankur Mehta

Ankur is a people's person, a seeker at heart who like to explore. After a short career in academics he moved to foothills of Himalayas and spent over 9 years in ashram life before starting Pause n Learn. He likes sharing 'Love filled Time' with people
You can directly reach out to him on +91-90110-48159