Pranayam, Mudra, Bandh


2 Weeks, May



About the course

14 Day Program of Breath-work to cleanse the Energy System and Release Mental and Emotional Stress.

'Pran' literally means life force. In these adverse times it is all the more required to have a surplus of life energy so as to fight away all the adversities. Prana is not just about oxygenating the lungs; it is about enhancing the dimension of life force, the presence of which will clean your energy system and release the mental and emotional stress too.

The program will do so by introducing you to the practices to stimulate Subtle energies in the body along with Techniques to Balance 5 Elements of Physical body.

- If you feel low at energy
- Want to improve your Pranic & immunity level
- Facing any respiratory disorders
- Strengthen the lungs and blood composition
- Unleash the latent energies
- Develop good sleep, improve mental health, and gain more peace of mind
- Enhance and uplift the level of your consciousness

- 30 mins Live sessions every day kick start your day on an energised note.
- Orientation session in the beginning 
Personalised attention and Pre-Post analysis of each participant.

Your Instructor

Ankur Mehta

Ankur Mehta

Ankur is a people's person, a seeker at heart who like to explore. After a short career in academics he moved to foothills of Himalayas and spent over 9 years in ashram life before starting Pause n Learn. He likes sharing 'Love filled Time' with people
You can directly reach out to him on +91-90110-48159