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The Divine Rhythm

A New Journey Begins!


The sheer fact that you are reading this message confirms that we share something in common in the journey called life. Pause n Learn feels elated to share with you a platform to converse and strike the inner vibration of harmony called-

'Antarnaad: The Divine Rhythm’ 

While there has been a lot of noise both outside and within, Antarnaad is an effort to convey the message that can heal, direct and help us recalibrate our inner vibration to the frequency of peace love and harmony 

Hope with every line you will feel more engrossed and find your inner rhythm

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Guru: The Ture Protector

A Guru’s place in a disciple's life is irreplaceable.
It is an ongoing commitment that extends beyond one birth.

At the foundation of this amazing relationship are reverence, trust, and complete surrender...

Read through this version of our Antarnaad to know more about Guru, Significance of the number '40', Reading before sleeping tips, The art and science of  Yogic Mudras, Pause n Learn Travel Diaries, 

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Time To Recharge & Recalibrate

25th March 2020 is a significant date in the Hindu calendar. It marks the onset of the Hindu New Year in many parts of the country and also heralds the onset of Chaitra Navratri


This divine window is a unique opportunity to detoxify, rectify imbalances, recalibrate and realign the harmony of our body through cleansing techniques that help one tap into the vital, abundant spiritual energy available all around

Let us understand the significance of these nine days.

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