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Sound, Medicine From the Past, For the Future

Sound Healing for Mind Relaxation

Release your emotional blockages and experience the unleashing of love compassion and forgiveness.​

A complete relation therapy 

Energize brain, heal the mind, cleanse your aura with the singing sound of bowls​

Get rid of ​

•    Stress 

•    Insomnia 

•    Hypertension  

•    Anxiety   

•    Depression

Sound Healing for Psychosomatic Disorders

A psychosomatic illness originates from or is aggravated by emotional stress and manifests in the body as physical pain and other symptoms. At Pause n Learn, we work on altering the brain waves to stimulate the body cells and recalibrate them to reverse the disease cured by mental blockages.

•    Deep rooted assessment of the emotional state
•    Crafting a life sketch to correlate the reason of the disorder
•    Establishing a mind body cause & effect relationship
•    Healing the blockages through Sound vibrations
•    Boosting immunity of the body
•    Working directly on the affected body parts
•    Strengthening nerve fibers to fasten the recovery process

Benefits: Relieve yourself from :
•    Get huge relief and recovery in ailments like Parkinson, Multiple              Sclerosis, Psoriasis
•    Phenomenal results achieved with cancer patients as well
•    Get rid from Acidity
•    Stress induced headaches
•    Sleep Disorders
•    Infertility issues

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Sound Bath Meditation

Overcome the chaotic frequencies that attack our bodies throughout the day like noise, electricity, cell phones, traffic etc.​

Harmonize your body back into its natural consistent vibrational state, creating a peace that is natural to your system.​

Drive energy from each cell, clearing blockages and stimulating neural pathways.


Weekend group sessions @ PnL Studio, Kharadi

Sound Healing for Happy & Soulful Pregnancy

In every seed lies the promise of a forest.
The journey from conception - to pregnancy - to the first few months with the newborn is a significant life phenomenon offering the possibility of pure potentiality.
The soothing and healing vibrations produced by Tibetan bowls help in the holistic growth of the child and also helps the mother become more healthy and peaceful.

Contact us for more details.

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Sound Healing for Hormonal Imbalance

Stress and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the prime reasons for hormonal imbalances leading to physical and psychological issues. At Pnl, we do root cause analysis of the issues and provide holistic treatment.

Finding the root cause of Imbalance
Personality type assessment for the accurate treatment plan
Working on Brainwaves to Stimulate Master Hormone Gland
Diet and Lifestyle alteration in alignment with the Therapy
Breath Work Training

Beneficial in 
•    Poor metabolism

•    Thyroid issues

•    PCOD / PCOS

•    Other Hormonal imbalance

•    Infertility

•    Mood swings 

•    Other Hormonal imbalance

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