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Reclaim wellbeing through Yogic lifestyle

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Yogic Lifestyle Program

This is not just a program, this is a complete lifestyle reorientation journey that we invite you to take so as to reclaim your overall wellbeing.​

Pause n Learn has been involved in helping people overcome their mental and emotional traumas, fears through its life coaching and counseling programs. This year we bring you a Holistic online program addressing the wellbeing of physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of your existence. The program has been built on the teachings of highly regarded scriptures like Srimad Bhagwad Geeta, Patanjali Yog Sutra, Gherand Sanhita & more

3 week long journey will be filled with morning practical sessions, combined swadhyaya, self help exercises and of course, individual attention 

This Program has been designed to provide adequate knowledge to the practitioners who want to get benefitted with the Great Yogic Science into their personal lives.

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Focus Areas
  • Physical health & Immune system

  • Mental & Emotional balance

  • Yogic Ways to maintain clarity, happiness, harmony, contentment, positivity and creativity

  • Developing a spiritual quotient

  • Detoxification of Mind and Body

  • Yogic Diet, Dincharya & Ritucharya

  • Understanding Chitta and Sanskaras

  • Panch Koshas, Chakras & Kundalini Shakti

  • Application of Yogic principle into Daily Routine

Both Practical & Theory
  • Yog Asanas

  • Meditation

  • Pranayam

  • Mudra

  • Bandh

  • Chakras & Aura

  • Mantra Sadhana

  • Tratak

  • Jal Neti

  • Upvas sadhana

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Benefits to Expect
  • Improved Everyday Health

  • Improvement in Ailments and their Symptoms

  • Better Sleep Quality

  • Energy and Vitality

  • Mind Relaxation

  • Harmonious Thoughts

  • Clarity and Focus

  • Positive Participation in Relations

Spiritual benefits

Beyond all, Yogic Science is a practice which makes one’s Soul unite with the Supreme. Practitioners gets various benefits called as ‘Riddhi- Siddhi’ on his Journey towards completeness. Life becomes a blissful experience and Body reverberates with Health and Energy all the Time. 

In this journey you will get to explore your inner Self and develop higher dimensions of uplifted consciousness

Date & Duration

It is always suggested to take new initiatives on pious and powerful days when there is immense spiritual energies available to be accessed easily.  These conducive energies make it possible to take the desired stride forward 

Vasant Panchami is one such day. This year it is on Saturday, the 5th of February. You are invited to take the resolution and initiate yourself into a new Yogic life 

Starting 5th Feb, Saturday
3 weeks, Daily 1 hr live online
6:30-7:30 am IST

Glass Buildings

Contact us: +91 901-104-8159, +91 866-905-4671 | Have a query? Click Here

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