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Energy Healing

Learn to use the Energy as Medicine

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Pause N Heal
  • Are you losing control of life?

    • health issues?

    • emotional turmoil?

    • energy imbalance?

    • mood swings?

    • diseases & disorders?

    • depression, anxiety, panic, fear?

  • Are you wanting to release what is no longer serving you?

  • Would you not like to break free of what is holding you back?

  • & How about helping your loved ones when they need it the most?

Program Structure
  • Energy Principles- Light & Sound

  • Me & the Universe

  • 3 body layers (sthool Sookshma Kaaran) (elementary knowledge)

  • 3 prime channels of pranic flow- the meridian system (elementary knowledge)

  • 7 Chakras (detailed knowledge)

    • Emotions and chakras

    • 5 elements and chakras

    • Diseases and chakras

    • Endocrine glands and chakras

    • Organ system and chakras

  • Brain waves

  • Aura: Concept and experience

  • What it takes to be a good healer?

  • Breathwork techniques

  • Mindfulness Meditation

Who all can enrol?
  • Those who want to

    • Heal self and others

    • Address relationship issues 

    • Align their energies for higher spiritual progress

    • Help people in ailments like psychosomatic disorders, lifestyle disorders, autoimmune diseases

    • Uplift life holistically (physical, mental and emotional)

    • Get rid of energy and emotional blockages

When is the program commencing?

- 2nd December

- Detailed sessions on Weekend - 2nd  & 3rd December

- Practice sessions of half an hour on weekdays (4th to 8th Dec)

- More Practice and doubt clearing sessions on weekend - 9th & 10th Dec

Total 10 to 12 hours of program spread over 9 Days

Program fee

The program content has been valued at  

₹ 7,500/-



(In case of stretched finances)


Enrol yourself to learn using energy as a medicine and make the world around you a happier place

Contact us:

+91 901-104-8159, +91 866-905-4671

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