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Learners Today, Teachers Tomorrow

Yoga Teachers' Training Program

200 hours of theory & practice
Both Online and at Studio modes
Sessions as per AYUSH ministry syllabus
100 % result in QCI examination

Certified trainers to train you

Sound Healing Training Program

Foundation Level 

10-12 hours training

Knowledge of chakras & correlations
Practical and theory of bowl play
Concepts of Sound & its affect on Human brain
Naad Brahm and human life
Both Online and at Studio modes available

In-depth Training Program
25-30 hours training

All above plus-
Human Anatomy and Psyche
12 Fundamental Laws of Universe
Pranayam, Meditation, Yogic Mudra
Fundamental Yogic Principles 
In depth assessment of live cases

Corporate Excellence Workshops

Exclusive programs designed for corporate for achieving more, professionally as well as personally


Enhance employee productivity and efficiency

Reduce stress levels

Building a happy culture

Strike Work-life balance

Enrich inter-personal relations

Bring a positive shift in the attitude

Leadership & Self worth Series

Focus Areas

The leadership approach
Transforming from a manager to a leader
Behavioral styles & communication 
Listening skills  & Culture building


Emotionally Strong Employees - Happier Workplace

Positive thinking – Enhanced productivity

Inner Resilience – Sustainable growth

Adaptability – Stress-free work environment

Life Skills Program

Focus Areas
Explore – Resolve - Transform
Finding purpose and passion in life
Understanding happiness 
Happy relations
Success & Goals


Enhanced Personal Effectiveness

Better decision making

Emotionally intelligent leaders

Highly energized workplace

Able to handle stress

Personal Energy & Time Management

Employee Wellness Solutions

Focus Areas

Workplace Yoga | Meditation & Pranayam  

Pain Management | Stress Management


Improved Fitness & Stamina

Better Strength & Immunity

Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity

Academic Excellence Workshops

Academic institutions have to play a major role in nation-building by offering a blend of values and skills


Pause n Learn strongly believes in this and works closely with academic institutions in the following ways-


Curriculum Enrichment for the value inculcation 

Teachers' training and orientation programs

Outbound programs for faculty members

Stress and Pressure handling programs for students

Counseling & Grooming

Students Development Program

Regular sessions for students helping them in

Stress Relief

Exam Phobia

Confidence Building

Personality Refinement

Smart Studies

Teachers' Orientation Program

A focused 3-4 day long Orientation program for bringing a major shift in the overall approach of teaching-


Be & Make

Inner Empowerment

From Profession to Passionate to Compassionate Teaching

Value Based Education

A 4-day long program for school administration   teachers so as to impart values to the students and bring in more passion in the profession of teaching

Incorporating Values

Knowledge   Skill Enhancement

Curriculum Enrichment

Passionate   Compassionate Teaching

Combining Vidya with Shiksha

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