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Yoga at Pause n Learn is an inward journey to unveil your hidden potential. It aligns your body, mind, and soul ensuring a healthy body and peaceful mind. Pause n Learn comes with rich, authentic knowledge from the ancient tradition of the Himalayan gurukul. With the Hatha Yoga style of practice, Pause n Learn Yoga classes are designed to meet your health objective. Individual attention and hand-holding is ensured to maximize results 

Yoga Programs offered

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    Yoga for Essential Wellness

    • General fitness

    • Controlling Stress disorders

    • Weight Management

    • Managing Hormonal Imbalances

    • Improved Immunity

    • Flexibility & Stamina

  • Prenatal Yoga

    Expert Yogic programme designed to suit the requirements of your current phase of pregnancy. Programme includes combination of Asanas, Meditation and Pranayama

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    Yoga for Senior Citizens

    The program is aligned to the physical needs of senior citizens, they are dealt with utmost care and senstivity to ensure comfortability and safety

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    Dance Yoga for Kids

    Both Dance & Yoga are forms of Art. These classes combine yogasanas with music and dance in a way that it becomes an interesting, engaging and playful experience

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    Personal Yoga Training

    One to One training and guidance is provided to address the individual needs of a person. This can be provided at

    - an individual's home (Book Now

    - at Pause n Learn studio (Book Now)

    - online (Book Now)

  • Corporate Yoga Program

    Customized Yoga programs are arranged for corporate to cater to the needs of the employees depending upon the nature of the work

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