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In every seed lies the promise of a forest

The journey from conception - to pregnancy - to the first few months with the newborn is a significant life phenomenon offering the possibility of pure potentiality.  With appropriate guidance and support a ‘would-be mother’ can efficiently and effortlessly participate with the Universe in co-creating a gifted, endowed and brilliant life. 


We at Pause N Learn believes that Pregnancy is a life-changing phase that should be approached with greater awareness of Holistic Wellbeing encompassing bodily health, proper nutrition, positive environmental stimulus, connection with constructive life energies, emotional support and spiritual upliftment. 

Beginning of wonder, hope and possibilities
  • Epigenetics proves that what you think is what you create. 

  • A mother’s mental, emotional and physical state can influence the child’s development with long-lasting influence. 

  • A baby’s brain is said to develop up to 60% in the womb​

  • Sensory and brain mechanisms for hearing are developed at 30 weeks of gestational age​

  • The mother can communicate with her child in the womb (garbha samvad)

  • Yoga, correct breathing, mediation, mantra chanting and many such life-enhancing techniques can help you not only manage this journey with effortless ease but also impact the personality of your child in a long-lasting life-changing way.

How it Works

A small step in the right direction can prove to be the biggest step of your life


This specially designed offering enables us to partner with you through the entire duration of your journey, at your convenience.  Our program gets delivered through:


Online webinars accessible at your convenience


One-on-one virtual counseling to establish personalized connect


An interactive approach for individual support


Group discussions that enable experience sharing and learning from others in similar situations


Learning exercises and activities that will stimulate your physical, emotional and mental well being



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Let’s make the journey for two of you more beautiful, together

Heartened by the experience and success that we have had with innumerable participants of our programs, Pause N Learn aspires to extend the benefits to many and more…

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Join at any phase of your journey….though the recommendation is to start at the very beginning so that you can optimize the benefits

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