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Mahashivratri Retreat

07th to 10th March, 2024

Balancing Panch Mahabhoot (5 elements)

​Join us at the bank of Ram Ganga river ​and dive deep into Higher Spiritual Sadhanas

4 Days 3 Nights on the bank of Ram Ganga river in the deep forest of Jim Corbett

This Mahashivratri refine the Panchbhootas and rebalance life by spending spiritual time in the serene environment of Himalayas and Ganga

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Earth Water Fire Air & Ether

Did you know that the word Bhagvan in Hindi is also an acronym for these 5 elements?
Bha is for Bhoomi (Earth), while Ga represents Gagan (Ether)
Va is for Vayu Air, A is for Agni (Fire) & Na is Neer (water)

This Mahashivratri balance your Panch Mahabhoot, the 5 basic elements that constitute the whole existence within and around you 


  • Join Pause N Learn to participate in spiritual practices 

  • Recalibrate your inner energies 

  • Take a dip in Shiva consciousness and balance your Panchbhootas 

  • Balance your disturbed energy centers (chakras)

  • Uplift your consciousness to a new level

About the Place

The place is so untouched and remote that even Google Maps find it difficult 

What all can we expect from the venue-

  • Surrounded by the lush green forests and hills on all sides near the bank of Ramganga river

  • Cosy and homely accommodation in the rooms designed with the elements of nature 

  • Garjia temple, Ramnagar, Devi's shaktipeeth 

  • Serene untouched natural surroundings

  • Sunrise and Moonrise will be a serene experience during the Chaitra Purnima (6th April)

  • Farm sourced organic food 

  • Kids friendly place with lot of engaging activities, both indoor and outdoor 

  • Pet friendly location 

Energy of the place is always a crucial element of Pause n Learn retreats. We always believe that it is the venue that chooses us. We are thankful to the Divine Mother for helping us access this remote location and experience the divine energies surrounding the place 

The venue offers great serenity to deep clean and heal the body and mind

Come join us and be a part of the unique lifetime experience 

What to expect
  • Sadhana (Spiritual practices)

  • Rudrabhishek

  • Gayatri Yagya

  • Divine Sankeertan 

  • Satsang on 5 elements

  • Special Meditation on Panch Mahabhootas

  • Balancing 5 elements 

  • Psychic Cleansing and Chakra balancing meditations 

  • Morning yoga at the bank of river Ramganga

  • Calming Yog Nidra 

  • Revitalizing Breath Work

  • Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

  • Silent time in Nature

From beginners to well versed Meditators, this Retreat will lead a way to higher Stability and Peace of Mind.

Make it memorable 

Registration Details

Energy Exchange

  • ₹ 19,500 per person (twin sharing deluxe accommodation)

  • Group Discount (above 2 members)-  1,000/- per person

  • Couple Discount:  1,000/- per person

  • (Only of the discounts applicable)

What's included

  • 4 Days / 3 Nights accommodation on twin sharing basis

  • All Meals & High Teas

  • All sessions


What's not included
Travel to and from the venue


What does a PnL Retreat feels like?


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