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Overall PnL Experience Reviews

Bhavani Vaidya

This studio is a wonderful place that uplifts you for better irrespective of what course or consultation you go for. They have wonderful retreats that rejuvenate you and helps you improve yourself. I have joined the yoga class and also gone of one such retreat and would continue to go for many more. Thank you founders for giving us this wonderful medium that we can access and get better in all walks of life

Himanshu Seth

It gives me immense happiness to share my Meditation camp Journey. Me & My family truly live/enjoyed each and every moment of it. Collaborating with wider group from diverse background give you learning & new perspective (especially in covid time). Most of all spending time to find inner peace and understand basic concepts of meditation and doing in practice to reach tranquility.
I would like to thank each and every member of Pause n Learn who made it possible. They had well planned sessions each day which created different Aura of positive energies. Thanks to Ankur bhaiya for this immense efforts and fusion created in practically and spiritually(Thanks to his management degree and spiritual/vedic gyan that he ascertained to enlighten others)

Vasundhara Saraswat

Ankur bhaiya and Manjari didi are not only the couple that will teach you some life changing skills but also help you realise your purpose of this very life. So many of us go on with the daily chores just existing, they really teach how to live life, love life and improve the quality of one’s spiritual, emotional and mental well - being. They are the therapists that totally change one’s perspective about mundane theories and helps you realise your true potential as a soul who has a purpose. They give tools that totally immerses the soul in a self - realisation state and we start seeing things from an angle which we never thought could exist too. In short, they are the saviours which we need in this modern day race. They’re the healers with divine aura, they’re the guardian angels who are spreading love light and happiness in numerous lives. My gratitude and love falls short of words for you both.  Lots and lots of love to the Pause and Learn team.

Nithya Raghunath

Pause n Learn is not an institution or a wellness studio. It's my extended family. The people I have met through this medium have become such an inseparable part of my life and have influenced and inspired me so much. They have been my pillars of support through my thick and thin. They pray for each other with such sincerity. This Heartfulness cannot be experienced anywhere else. I must convey my special thanks to Ankur sir, Manjari Didi and Ela Didi who guide me in many ways.

Shyam Trivedi

This is a sacred place for me. As soon as you enter you can feel the positive aura around; All bcoz of the wonderful and humble people Ankur Sir and Manjari Madam are. If you are looking to find or regather yourself come here. Just give it a try to discover the real happiness and peace in life.

Shraddha Sahu

I highly recommend Pause n Learn because I personally know the entire team. The dedication, authenticity, positivity, love and affection with which your are served here is ONLY available here. Kudos to the entire team. Keep shining!!! Keep bringhtning!!!


Yoga Program Reviews

Kailash Pareek

The best place you can find in and around Wagholi area for Yoga. This place offers much more than just yoga practice. It's spiritual energy, positive vibes will bring a sense of peace in your life along with a fit and healthy body. Moreover, it gives you access to a beautiful Pause and Learn family where you will definitely feel belonging. A must visit.

Bharat Sharma

I joined Pause n Learn during my summer semester break, as a seasonal guest. Yoga was challenging in the beginning but the journey is worth it. Positivity scattered all around in every corner, starting your day with happy and smiling faces, contributing to the betterment of health, gives a boost. I would recommend Pause n Learn to every budding Yogi. Would visit the studio soon. :)

Roshini Gour

Extremely happy to be part of Pause n Learn. Its been three months of Yoga Practice and it has already filled me with real energy and encouraged me to embrace small happenings with positive outlook.

I feel I am more connected to nature these days.
Ankur Sir teaches us different kinds of yoga asanas, meditation and pranayam and take us through deep understanding of our spiritual well being. He cares a lot for his students to do yoga with right posture and alignment.
I feel its a great place to bring a change in one's life☺

Pooja Pathak

One good thing that I decided with this New Year was to practice Yoga and with pause n learn it turned out to be the best thing to do.
The studio environment is very much soothing and peaceful.
The instructors are exceptionally good in their art.
The weekend meditation and healing sessions are too good.
I would highly recommend Yoga with Pause and Learn which is very thoughtfully designed and exceptionally executed. The best place to craft your body and soul.


Art of Parenting Online Program Reviews

Mohan Beriwal
IBM Bangalore

It was such an enlightening experience of Parenting sessions with Pause & Learn. It helped us to understand  how we can have the holistic growth of our child as well as, we as parent.We got an insight on how we can handle day to day challenges of life calmly and set examples as parents for children. Strongly recommend this to all.

Sandhya Khanna
Govt. School, Delhi

It is our privilege to be a part of group learning the art of parenting.

The best part of sessions was first to understand ourselves at Physical level, emotional level and spiritual level. It has given us strength about the correct things we were doing as parent and also corrected the mistakes we were committing and emerge as good parents understanding the behavior of our children. Strongly recommended for all couples to be part of such training.


Inner Exploration Retreat Reviews

Alsu Sabirova
Founder, beMore Travel, USA
Nitin Nair
Credit Suisse, Pune
Neha Golwalkar

It was such an enlightening experience of Parenting sessions with Pause & Learn. It helped us to understand  how we can have the holistic growth of our child as well as, we as parent.We got an insight on how we can handle day to day challenges of life calmly and set examples as parents for children. Strongly recommend this to all.


Soulful Pregnancy session Reviews

Pooja Dhawan
Senior Consultant - Rudraksh Physiotherapy Clinic & Medical Fitness Gym, Shimla
Yoga Trainer, Australia

Sound Healing session Reviews

Danny White
Smita Jain

Superb experience. The entire ambience was so relaxing. Met "myself" in the sound healing session. Parenting session was insightful. Thanks Pausenlearn team for such a fantastic experience.

Mohnish Katre

As the name suggests, one should really Pause and Learn. This is the best place to take a pause and rejuvenate with Yoga and Sound healing. Big thanks to owners of this place, Ankur and Manjiri for introducing to sound healing.

Kids Camp Reviews

Bijal Dodwani

Thank you indeed for wonderful workshop. We can see lot of positive difference in Geet. Being the youngest and very tender heart. She used to be really sensitive for little chages. After workshop She is more thoughtful and can understand other side of  perspectives without panic. She loved performing and going to miss all Fun Stories. Although Geet had chance to regain Hindi skills..
Will look forward for more sessions.

Geet's  thoughts : Brain  finger exercises were fun! I Super happy to meet back my old friends and made some new.

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