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Heartfulness & Compassion


2 Weeks, Sept

Price: 3,000

About the course

Program duration: 10 days- 45 mins session per day
Month: May
What to expect:
- Unburdening of heart and mind
- Gaining a state of inner freedom from negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, hurt, grief, anger and rage

Your Instructor

Manjari Bhalla

Manjari Bhalla

Manjari has a rich experiential understanding over meditation with her 14+ years of practice. After her successful decade long career with organizations like IBM, EMC, Infosys, etc she moved to Himalayas in the year 2008 for inner exploration
A mother of 3 yr old girl child, Manjari blends the practices with daily life so well that one can experience a see through shift in life. She is reachable at +91-86690-54671

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