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Follow the Divine Flow

by Manjari Bhalla

It were the difficult Covid times when the physical operations of Pause n Learn were at halt in Pune. We also, like many others, temporarily moved to our home town and started operating online. Externally, things were smooth but these slow times opened up lot of buried feelings. One day came a sudden upsurge of overwhelming emotions in my heart. My cognitive mind was failing to contemplate and figure out the reason for the overflowing emotions. Ankur (hubby) did ask me many a times but that state, which I was in, was a different tangent all together, a different calling. It had some message and I was absorbed into it. All I could tell was that I needed a shift. He asked me to spend sometime with myself and find out what this shift is like?

I decided to step back and watch the river of my thoughts flow and very soon it became clear to my heart that I wanted to be near Mother Ganga. I did not want to live a metropolitan life any more.

“What rubbish! The mind said, you have a successful start-up doing so well, you have put your sweat into it, you can’t deprive your daughter from best of the schools, you are bringing positive change in People’s life, there are organizations and people who look forward to your association and help. How can you think of leaving all that?”, mind was continuously arguing.

Moreover, with the little angel Gopa (our daughter who was 2 that time) moving to a place unknown, was unimaginable

But when the Divine Decides, you just have to surrender and witness the magic. Ankur said ‘Just leave this wish in the Lotus Feet and wait’

And the Magic Started. An old student messaged me asking if someone would be interested in taking her fully furnished home on rent in Rishikesh. It needed nothing to move in. Even the groceries were in place. We took this as a divine signal and without thinking of anything else, sent a big YES to her. We moved to Rishikesh, without any further plan or Vision.

We felt like coming home. We were immersed in the ecstatic aura of Ganga & Himalayas, with an heart which never wanted to go back. On one hand there were the studios and physical assets that Pause n Learn had created in Pune, the memories that filled the place with divine energies, the relation that we had lived with all the members visiting for different services, the deeper bond that we relished with many of the members; and on other hand there was this Inner Shift. None around us was knowing what is happening. And actually speaking, neither were we. But one thing was certain in mind, To Be with the flow and simply witness the unfolding.

Our Evenings were spent by Ganga, our daughter was blissfully enjoying visiting Pious Ashrams and ancient temples. She was a different child altogether.

Well-wishers were suggesting to opt for progressive secured future of a metro life, better schooling and extra curricular experiences for Gopa and even explore the possibilities for Pause n Learn and us; but the smile that we get when we meet cows at the gaushala, when Gopa picks up a broom and cleans the cowshed, when she feeds them with her hands, when she brings over some young kids home from the temple to play, the joy when we receive the morning sunshine in the veranda that comes from the Shivalik ranges, the bliss that we experience when the evening breeze brings the aura of Ganga is unmatchable. Didn’t know what her heart must be absorbing seeing the Monastic Lives and seeing how Himalayas inspired many to renounce their luxurious life so as to earn the spiritual wealth. But we knew, that this experience is Definitely Worth it!

We decided to Wind-up Pune Operations, Friends cum Angels extended all the help to an extent that we vacated our house and Studios in Pune without even going there. Chhavi, Abhinav, Samrat, Akshita are few names we will always be indebted to.

Now, we at Pause n Learn, Rishikesh host seekers who want to experience the Divine Energy of Himalayas & Ganga, at our Home Stay. With Mother Ganga just being 200 mts away one actually breathes the air filled with her piousness, experience sattvic and minimalistic living as one of the objectives of this initiative

Our deepest wish is to give everyone an experience of the Magic which we found here, and with this objective we have been organizing Spiritual Retreats. You are heartily welcome. Already many have experienced the magic unfolding

Buddha Purnima Meditation retreat (14th -18th May 2022)

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