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It’s Ram Navmi & World Creativity and Innovation Day

Creation Extension & Dissolution (Srijan- Vistar- Vilaya) has been the cycle of the Universe

Every moment something new is getting created and something is dissolving away. Even in our bodies where new cells are forming, old ones are going. The Indian system of Darshan (Indian Philosophy) looks at it from a much deeper and cosmic orientation where we dedicate 3 different forms of energies to this phenomenon- Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh. The ongoing festival of Chaitra Navratri, which is also considered as the beginning of the Hindu New Year, is the perfect moment to reflect upon the World Creativity & Innovation Day and to celebrate the festival of Ram Navmi as well. The whole concept of celebrating Navratri (these nine aupicious nights) is to invoke the creative energy within by using the destructive forms of energy to destroy the unwanted and give room for new creation

We all know, creation demands silence within; a deeper stillness and when we want to create something so unique, we need that stillness to be even more deeper. For a moment, use your imaginability and visualise the amount of stillness required to create the whole cosmos! In fact in texts of highest orders like Isha Vasya Upanishad or Srimad Bhagwad Geeta, it is announced that the whole world is revolving and moving around a still spindle; like the cartwheel spinning around a still centre; or even a torpedo whirlpooling around with a still spike at its middle. Now that stillness comes when a human mind has its energies in place which in turn are regulated both by our emotions and the chakras (the energy centres).

According to the spiritual and yogic anatomy, the human energy body has many such energy centres, the centres of extra-sensory potential, out of which 7 centres are of prime importance. The mooladhar and the Swadhisthan (sacral) are the centres of faith and creativity the more rooted and grounded a person is, the better possibility of being creative is and vice versa. A person with fear and ungrounded feet will feel insecure and find himself or herself on a shaky ground all the time leading to no creation. The yogic texts further refer the the 5 fundamental elements resonating with their respective frequencies and enabling one in different ways. The earth element for example is related with the root chakra and leads to more groundedness. Likewise the creative element is to do with the Water element which reflects upon the characteristics of flexibility, adaptability, patience, perseverance and movement with fluidity which we all know are so important to innovate.

On this 3rd World Creativity & Innovation Day, let us figure out the potential of creation we have; creating a new world, creating a new system, a new energy in family, among relations and most importantly, a new creation with-in and mark a new beginning. On this day when we are also celebrating the Navmi of incarnation of Lord Ram, an epitome of Maryada (principles), Adarsh (conduct of highest order) and Satya (absolute truth) let us also try to receive the cosmic energy of the creator in the similar form and make our lives more pious

Remember, chaos is easy, creation is not. Chaos needs action, creation needs stillness Where do we stand? Keep well

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