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Moolbandha: The Master Key

Moolabandh is a psychic practice which manipulates the pranic body especially apana pran, buy contracting mooladhar chakra.

It sends energy up to Agya and Sahstranar chapter directly and thereby stimulates all the other chakras as it travels through the sushumna

The Sanskrit word Moola means -root, firmly fixed, source or cause, basis, foundation.

Bandh means -lock, restrain, shut or close. Together the words moola and bandh refers to the contraction of mooladhar chakra, the seat of kundalini. This contraction is triggered at the root of the spine or the trunk of the body, the perineum. Contraction of the muscles around the perineal body in the male and the cervix in the female is done in order to release and control energy generated by Mooladhara chakra. On a physical level it is the physical contraction of muscles. However when refined, it is the contraction of mooladhara chakra. It is important to note therefore that Moolabandha is not just the contraction of the perineal body or cervix but also locking of mooladhara chakra.

Kundalini shakti is the vehicle for the expansion of consciousness. When it is awakened, it enables the individual to fully develop his innate potential and rise beyond the cycle of birth & death to the level of divinity

Importance of Mool bandha

The importance of Moolabandha should not be underestimated for its perfection leads to a spontaneous re-alignment of the physical mental and psychic bodies. The physical contraction of perineum helps maintain hormonal balance and stimulates and regulates the nerves that innervate the lower pelvic region there by regulating all the internal organs

Moolbandha is therefore an important tool in the treatment of physical diseases of the lower abdomen example digestive elements and reproductive disorders. Because the body and mind are interlinked, an effect on one cannot pass unnoticed by the other. Accordingly, moolbandha has an immediate effect of creating a deep sense of mental relaxation there by relieving most mental and psychosomatic disorders which are the direct or indirect effect of stress tension and anxiety.

As a mental relaxant moolbandha has been found extremely useful in the treatment of mental disorders such as depression, neurosis, phobias, hysteria and mania. However, because of its effects on the brain and by virtue of the fact that moolbandha is effective in the treatment of both mania and depression it has proved useful in correcting the extreme moods and some cases of schizophrenia especially in early stages

The effects of moolbandha on the pranic level are more pronounced then those on the physical and mental levels. It has a subtle yet powerful effect on the psychic body. Acting as a trigger for the awakening of mooladhara chakra and kundalini. In doing so moolbandha also helps to release the Brahma granthi allowing the Pran to flow up to the sushumna nadi. This means that moolbandha prepares one for true spiritual awakening. An aspiring sadhak treat mulbandh as a part and parcel of his/ her main sadhana.

Though it appears to be simple muscular contraction, the real work is psychic. As the energies are stimulated there, we become more conscious of the area. We become aware of the chakra, the psychic components, nadis, etc. In time and with persistent practice, we can refine our energy and convert it into highly concentrated force, just as a laser can convert the energy from a ten watt bulb into a light source which concentrates energy over a one inch surface more intense than the surface of the sun. When pranic energy in mooladhara is refined the dormant potential energy is released. the process builds on itself, snowballing into a virtuous circle of ever-lasting health, awareness and bliss.

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