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You are reading, means you value earth, not just as a planet, but something more dear than that. For many of us she is our mother Earth. A Mother because she holds us, nurtures, cares, loves, offer us shelter, opportunities to grow and much more without any expectation in return.

She has gifted us with abundant resources for our healthy life. However, we are often too busy to

notice and appreciate that. Thus, April 22nd is dedicated not only to bring our attention towards the health of our holy land and pay gratitude but also serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile she has become and how important is it for us to protect her.

The human body just like the nature is made up of five basic elements; Earth , water, fire, air, & ether. Earth, being the most tangible of all is the element responsible for groundedness. It’s also associated with the root or base chakra. This is the seat of Kundalini Shakti as per the Yogic texts. If the roots are strong the whole tree of life will flourish; but when the root chakra is infected with fear, anxiety, insecurity it shakes the whole foundation and the fruits of peace and flowers of happiness wither away from the tree of life

Take a Pause and reflect now, if your roots are grounded in faith; if the earth element is holding the good things in life together. Connecting with this natural energy of earth helps you to centre yourself and get rid of negative energies.


  • The first thing you do every morning when you wake up in your bed is touch Mother Earth and thank her for another day; Offer your heart filled gratitude

  • Walk barefoot on earth, mindfully; if possible in a garden or even better a forest, where soil can touch your feet

  • Apply mud or get into a mud therapy session, a part of naturopathy

  • Find where does your faith lie and is it deep enough to help you remain perfectly grounded. Can your faith help you land back on your feet?

  • At night, before sleeping, thank her again and offer her peace

  • On this Earth Day, let us connect with one of our very fundamental forces that offers us fearlessness and assurance

Thank you Mother Earth

Wishing you love

-by Roshni Gour Patel

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