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Praying for the Real Wealth, this Diwali

Accumulate real wealth for your children

While we all are gearing up for Diwali celebration to offer prayers to the goddess of wealth, this thought comes to mind that how fortunate it would be, if we become capable of accumulating and leaving behind the ‘real’ wealth for our children

As parents we all thrive hard to give the best of the best & leave no stone unturned to secure their future. We keep putting our relentless efforts in making them healthy and independent adults. But are we giving them enough inputs on the other real challenges of life and how to walk through them as winners?

Are we sharing with them the heavier side of relationships and how they get toxic when buried under the weight of expectations… Are we teaching them how 'not to expect'? Are we enabling them to understand how this consumeristic world is playing games with our minds to always make us feel dissatisfied and fulfill their material interests? Are we helping them to explore ways to make life more fulfilling instead of the momentary pleasures? Let us look around and see people running for success and happiness without even defining them in the right spirit

We want our children to grow in life, but how about helping them evolve through failures? How to handle when you lose a relationship or get ditched? And, above all, are we able to provide them guidance on the ultimate goal of life, without which no one can attain permanent happiness and peace in life.

The above might sound harsh, but may be it’s time that we also come at terms with this reality of life which we kept denying or ignoring instead of knowing the truth. Let’s accept and start finding out ways for us and for our little ones, who depend on us for the value system they will carry forward in life. Let’s take a Pause and Learn the art of happy living.

This Diwali, let’s pray to the Goddess of wealth to bless us with the wealth of Inner Contentment and Bliss. May the Lamps outside, enlighten the diminished flame of true knowledge within, May the celebration outside, rekindles the zeal of walking the Path of Permanent happiness.

Wishing you lights Pause n Learn

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