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Sound heals Cancer

This Cancer day, 4th Feb reminds us of the very first cancer case that we handled through Sound Healing at Pune studio. It was March 2019 when Gauri (name changed) was forced by one of her friends to contact Pause n Learn so as to get some help with her cancer. This young girl of 30 was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 months back. She was understandably all shattered and distressed. She had already gone through a surgery and chemotherapy had started, leaving its side effects like nail darkening, skin loosening, hair fall, body pain, tiredness, nausea and constant low levels of energy. The psychological effects were also not less that filled her with the loneliness and depression. Gauri was about to get married which had to be postponed, she was very uncertain about her future at that moment and with all this she was very skeptical to take up any sort of Alternative Therapy like Sound Healing. But, as you find it very difficult to deny when the advice comes from someone who loves you truly, she could not deny the friend's advice to meet Pause n Learn.

With very little or rather no hope Gauri came over to the Pune based studio to complete a formality. But what she didn’t know was that a whole new world of new possibilities was waiting for her. After meeting us she felt some hope, some positivity flowing within her, which convinced her to take this forward. Her medical history was of less interest for us. What we wanted was to dwell upon her past and go deep inside her mind to find the root cause and diagnose the origin of cancer.

Simply stating cancer is undisciplined growth of cells that leads to tumours in the body. Readers might be surprised to know that the cancer cells behave exactly the same as healthy cells does. So how can a radiation therapy or chemo kill only the cancer cells without hurting the healthy cells?

Human body is like a whole world of over 120 trillion cells making tissues, organs and organ systems. When they live in harmony with each other we are healthy. The indiscipline in the colony of cells causes all these problems and that indiscipline is triggered by negative emotions like hurt, grief, anger, depression & many more.

From our past experiences and knowledge gathered from the direct experiences and therapies with many cancer survivors we knew that the root cause lies somewhere deep within at her subconscious level and if that does not get worked upon, the problem will not get solved; the chances of reoccurrence will always be there . It was also crucial to work on her mind to provide her with Positivity and Strength which was very much required to cope up with the current painful and demanding chemotherapies she was going through. The detailed discussions revealed that she had been living with the feeling of grudges, grief & complaints due to her emotionally deprived childhood.

The sound healing sessions began and after two back to back sessions she had her 3rd chemo scheduled on a Sunday at Jehangir Hospital, Pune. On that evening the magical call came from her father who was so thankful to us as Gauri was in no pain and could take herd of out for a walk on Sunday itself. Previously her chemos left her drained in bed with unbearable pain for days. Gauri felt positive too and this time she participated with more enthusiasm and receptivity in the following sessions. The girl who had lost her hair, brows and lashes was thrilled to see the regrowth of hair in the 4th week itself. This was a moment of happy tears for all of us. Since then there is no turning back and PnL has seen lots of different types of cancer getting healed.

Sound vibrations bringing back the indiscipline back in harmony.


Sound is everywhere. There is perpetual movement and action in the world around us, and this produces a variety of sounds, such as those coming from Nature, from animals, those generated by humans in the form of speech or music, those that are generated by vehicles, machines, gadgets that are used for comfort, leisure and convenience.

Sound is an integral part of our lives. Whether we like it or not, the vibrations of these sounds reach us, not only through the hearing sense, but also by coming into contact with the physical body. The sound vibrations can affect us either positively or negatively, entering into our being, via the physical, mental and emotional realms, thereby affecting our consciousness as a whole. Knowing this the ancient researchers of the past ensured sound to be an integral part of our lives in various forms among daily practices. Specially a lot has been done with the energy of Sound in the Eastern part of the world, not just for relaxation purpose but for therapy and spiritual upliftment. The Tibetan monks conceptualised the science in the form of Singing bowls made from Ashtadhatus and use the frequency of sound to heal the inner systems of the diseased. Pause n Learn has been using Tibetan Singing Bowls to help cases of Autoimmune disorders, Autism, Dyslexia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson, Somnambulism, Cancer along with Anxiety, Hypertension, Depression, Stress, Insomnia and related disorders.


To understand how Sound helps one heal and can be used as a tool for therapy in aforesaid diseases. Sound waves can be visually seen and studied using ‘Chladni’ plates, which was devised and experimented by Ernst Chladni, a famous physicist with a passion for sound/music. In this experiment the source of sound is connected via a wave driver to the Chladni metal plate with fine sand strewn on it. The sound vibrations cause the plate to vibrate at the same frequency, which causes movement of the sand particles to form patterns of the sound generated. The visual patterns comprise of nodes or regions where the sand particles accumulate, and antinodes or regions where the sand particles drift away from. Each frequency of sound causes a particular pattern to be formed on the plate. The study of wave phenomena is also called ‘Cymatics’ (Raghu, 2016). On similar lines, Sound vibrations comes in contact physically through the body and have an effect on our consciousness at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Sound waves travel 5 times faster in the liquid medium as compared to air and as we know that each cell in human body has got plasma (liquid) in it helping sound waves recalibrate each cell of the body. The science of Epigenetics propounded by Dr. Bruce Lipton also confirms how our emotions and inner environment of mind impacts the physical health and healing the mind can help heal the body

In our one to one session with cancer patients the healing with Sound waves was accompanied by lot of emotional release and counselling sessions that helped the patients recover from the pain of the chemo and radiations thereby helping them created a new inner environment of peace and happiness

At last, we would like to wish our readers and everyone a Happy and peaceful mind filled with love, compassion, gratitude & kindness. Keep smiling - Keep shining

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Aparna Nikam
Aparna Nikam
Feb 04, 2022

A very good write-up about Sound therapy and its healing properties over body!

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