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Why a spiritual break is necessary?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Each one of us has experienced anxiety and inner disturbance at some or the other time in our life. While many look into different switching options like turning on the TV, binge watching, listening to some music or pouring ourselves a drink, some as well switch to stressed eating and aimless shopping. All these feelings and experiences are like signals from the universe; they are like those ringing bells or messages from the inner Self whom we continue to avoid and block.

The Inner voice keeps sending the signals but sadly, in the daily hustle bustle of life, the noise of the mind drowns out this inner voice. Such is the irony that we reject or discard the very thing that will bring us clarity healing and peace.

If we take a Pause and realize, situations like anxiety or physical ailments are like a blessing. They are like an invitation to form deeper understanding of ourselves and take further steps towards inner transformation.

Stop reading further and just self reflect for few moments- "How often do you block these messages, make excuses and avoid sitting down or slowing down or Taking a Pause to hear something new? How often do you act on what the inner voice tells you? How often do we regard it?

A Spiritual break enables you to silent the mind and listen to this inner voice with ease and clarity. Not only does it calm the mind down, it also gives you enough space to be with yourself and design the further inner framework that ensures inner peace and true happiness. It does so by resolving the chaos and mess of the mind. The moment we step into the inner space, this inner voice starts healing the mind.

One way to find healing is to experience the silence of the mountains or listen to the rhythm of Ganga. When serenity is restored new perspectives open to us and an inner growth starts gaining momentum. To do so, travel to a spiritual place with a group that can meditate pray it laugh and cry together in a great booster.

Pause n Learn retreats are one such opportunity to reconnect to the deeper Self along with getting connected with like minded people so as to nourish, restore and reset the body, mind and soul.

While we bid adieu to the ongoing year and welcome a new one, let us spend some meditative and chanting time on the bank of Ganga and lap of Himalayas.

23-26 Dec at Ram nagar, Jim Corbett National Partk

To know more about the upcoming retreat visit OR reach us at 90110-48159

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