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Attune and get balanced with Yoga

Humans can’t live in isolation, so can’t any other species. We all have this innate need of connectivity and togetherness. Because when we are together, we feel one. Yoga originated from the word 'Yuj' meaning 'to unite'; Unification of individual consciousness to form a Collective consciousness. This is how animals made herds and we built communities; birds of same feather flock together and then they establish a discipline, some codes of conduct, some values that they decide to follow at all costs else they would collapse, some corrective measures to protect from going wrong. This is how colonies and nations are built. The key influencers and protectors of these groups lead by ensuring that the internal harmony remains intact and that individual interests remain aligned with the collective ones, they made sure that the community played the symphony of love, oneness, care gratitude and forgiveness. They make sure that the fluctuations aren’t many. In moments of danger, the colonies, communities come together as one and unification becomes deeper.

Yoga is foundation on which the whole cosmos is functioning and therefore the creator, the Supreme is also titled as ‘Adiyogi’ or ‘Yogeshwar’ – the one who is ensuring the balance. This gives us an understanding that whenever we want to regain the lost balance, whenever we want to ensure inner harmony or peace, whenever we as a race or an individual

want to bring in discipline, we need to get in touch with the Supreme. Think for a moment, if you are wearing an expensive watch of high value right now, where would you like to go for its service. Will you even think of going to a local mechanic and handover your Rolex or Patek Phillipe to him and rest at peace? Never. We will go to the authorized service centre only because they function as per the discipline of the brand owner; they are trained on those disciplines and follow those values. So when it comes to repair life whose workshop would you like to go?

Yoga is undoubtedly the solution to repair life and one such authorised representative is Maharshi Patanjali who defines "restrictions of the fluctuations of the consciousness" as yoga.

Please Pause and reflect on your day to day life at this moment…

Could you see balance, harmony, peace, contentment, symphony, togetherness or were there reflections of irritation, confusion, sadness, loss, trauma, sorrows? Many of us can clearly see that the world at large is more in pain and that is why every 40 seconds somebody chooses to discontinue by committing suicide. That is why 9 out of the 10 top selling drugs in one of the most advanced and powerful nations – the US, are actually stress induced diseases or disorders. What great has this advancement brought in us if we have increased cases of suicide, family abuse, mental agony, diseases and misery; what great has this progress done if we have increased number of orphanages and old age homes; what great have we achieved if the diseases like autism are hurting our kids at a faster pace; where have we come if there are finding micropalstics in human placenta. Things and stats are horrifying and we are forgetting old mistakes and repeating them with even more intensity

Celebrating a day is a good start but World Yoga Day and World Music Day are a beginning to bring that the wave of positivity and solution back; but the wave has to remain active and so as to bring in a sustainable change. Where to start from? No other than Self

We all know the tools of bringing back life on track, all we need is the inner zeal to remain consistent, enthusiastic and disciplined to align with the Supreme. Lets get in tune by attuning with the Supreme and bring back the lost balance in personal, familial and social life

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