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Yoga for Kids? Few things to consider before you decide

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

There is a saying that a child is like wet clay which can be molded in whichever way we want. As we grow up, slowly habits are formed and it becomes a bit difficult to change and form new habits. Today, children have unlimited and unprecedented access to information over the internet and sky is the limit to what they can learn and become in this digital age. However even after being one of the most empowered generations there is something missing in their lives which is reflected by the rising rate of depression, crime at much younger ages among them than one could imagine. Probably life is what is missing from their lives which is why at such a young age they seem to feel bored and disinterested.

In today's challenging times of covid there are so many lifestyle changes for everyone including children like home quarantine, online schooling from home etc limiting the physical movement and increasing anxiety. All this, apart from the usual stressors from academic, social and familial factors which a child normally goes through, are good enough reasons for us to give a serious thought on improving the overall physical, mental and emotional well being of children.

To combat the negative impacts of the above mentioned scenarios it becomes important as responsible parents to inculcate those habits in a child which will not only help in coping with the situation now but also build a solid foundation for all round development of personality of the child. Lets not forget that those of us who have inner qualities like curiosity, social skills, resilience, integrity, creativity, persistence and perseverance have been able to overcome the demanding situations and challenges of life more gracefully. Why not then introduce our young ones to the such tools and techniques with the help of which the above mentioned qualities are nurtured right from childhood a right balance of physical, mental and emotional growth is achieved in a child. The training of Yoga in the holistic sense should start as early as possible, before any undesirable impressions take over the child.

Yogic tools and techniques can be useful for our kids

Yoga in its truest sense is a way of living where we live in total harmony with our Self. There are many tools and techniques to achieve this harmony and equilibrium in life.

Classical or Ashtanga yoga could be introduced in a lucid and palatable way for kids by introducing its concepts in a way children find interesting.

The essence of Yam and Niyam (Do's and Don'ts in personal and social life) can be taught to the child in the form of short stories, simple activities, tips on handling real life scenarios and to-do exercises.

For yogasana, we can start once kids are able to understand body parts and comprehend instructions. Having said that not every asana should be performed by kids but some simple yet effective for growing ups like Tadasana, Tiryak Tadasana, Katichakrasana, Singh garjanasana, Vajra asana, Siddhasana, Padmasana, Marjari asana, Shashank asana, Vriksh asana, Veerbhadra asana, Parvat asana, Bhujang asana, Shavasana can be started to inculcate the habit of bringing about a discipline and mind-body coordination.

Pranayam like Bhramari, Anulom-Vilom, Pranakarshan, Nadi-Shodhan, Bhastrika will help the child enhance vitality, positive energy, stronger

immunity with healthier lungs. This will also help balance the hormonal shifts at puberty.

Practicing Dhyan (meditation) at an early age not only will increase concentration, enhance memory power, bring about balance in brain hemispheres but will also bring emotional maturity.

Repeated chanting of Sanskrit Mantras will help in increasing the size of brain associated with both short and long term memory. Indian tradition holds that rigorously memorizing and reciting mantras enhances memory and thinking.

There is a saying, "old habits die hard". Let habits not hold our kids hostage instead lets mold the habits to our advantage!

At Pause n Learn, we understand how important it is to get the right kind of guidance at an early age so that children develop the right attitude towards life thereby setting the road map for a life full of possibilities. Hence we at PnL take special efforts in conducting kids camp both online and in studio. This camp has been designed for children aged between 5 and 12 years.

Contact us if you have any queries in general or about the program in specific.

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