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Fasting & Detox

The human system is a complex mechanism or many inter-dependent systems functioning at physical level. Not only there is this interdependency at physical level, we now know that mind has a huge impact on body leading to disharmony, diseases and disorders in life.

The yogis of the past knew that like any other machine, this human machine too needs to be recalibrated and refurbished at regular intervals. But then what to do for mind and soul? Therefore they created Dietary schedules that when practiced lead to holistic wellbeing of the practitioner. The prime basis of the practice was observing restrain in eating as diet is a major constituent in our overall growth. It does make the physical body and create a huge impact on the mind as well. It is observed that spicy food leads to aggression and irritation. Similarly consuming stale, preserved or heavy food leads to lethargic and dullness.

The whole of the above is famous as term ‘Detox’ in the present times. Actually, detox is the by-product of the bigger process that included restraining food intake and altering it in a way so that it strengthens the nervous system, improving gut health (the second brain), and helping the practitioner end up with a lot of energy and lightness.

This casts a very positive impact on the mental and emotional wellbeing, eliminates fatigue, enhances overall energy levels in the body leaving one with peaceful and cheerful mind. Few more benefits are as below

Improved Digestion

With the controlled diet intake, there is lot of rest and saving in energy consumption, and this saved energy is then utilised to do the inner cleansing. Digestive issues like irregular bowel, acidity, bloating, start getting healed too.

Energetic & Light Body

Controlled diet helps losing the water weight in the body, which results in reduced heaviness and puffiness. This helps in one feeling more lighter and energetic.

Being more Mindful

It is been known from ages in Indian culture that food has a direct impact on the mind. As one starts taking more sattvic, fresh and regulated food the direct impact on the mind is experienced in the form of positive thoughts, peace and calmness

Good gut health helps to keep the mind calm. Research published in Harvard Health Publishing suggests that gut health is inextricably linked to mental well-being.

Helps to remove toxins and do natural detoxification

Our liver and kidneys both constantly work to remove toxic waste from our body and keep us healthy. One just needs to eat nutrient-dense food and practise healthy habits to ensure that your organs working fine.

Catalyses the Healing process

Healing happens regularly in the body but due to bad eating habits and lifestyle, this natural healing process gets hampered. By following a detox regime we can regain this natural process in the body.

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