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How Pause n Learn changed my Life - Ankur Mehta

It was a life spent in the foothills of Himalayas and banks of Mother Ganga, where Manjari and me were rendering our services as a couple in various capacities. Prior to this life was traveling in the urban world of Bengaluru (then Bangalore). But I feel, life wanted to flow in its own directions and rhythms. First in 2008, when we left our corporate profiles and moved to ashram life and then in 2016 when we moved from ashram life to experiment with the spiritual laws in the material world.

Landing in Pune in 2016 was also not a thoughtful plan. Reached here because of family friends to spend some time with them and having neither any plans in mind, nor any expectations from life. In a matter of no time life started rolling and we started helping people in making their life better. The learnings of Himalayas were well received by people and it was then when we found that it is important for people to take a pause in their fast-moving directionless lives and learn the fundamental skills of living in harmony and peace. This is how Pause n Learn came about as an initiative and evolved as a movement and an attempt to help people live happily.

My life changed since then. A major change was it came in contact with people who were truly inspiring. They were in deep pain, yet they knew how to cheer and smile, how to carry your heart on your sleeves. Life had pushed them to the corner but they could still embrace everything that was thrown upon them. These truly inspiring unsung examples made me forget all the personal agonies and give more of meaning to the purpose. Another major shift that Pause n Learn brought is that now I belong to many people. This sense of belongingness is mutual and ever growing. How empty someone’s life would be without it. It is this sense that leads to abundance and confidence in life.

In this endeavor, which enabled us to help people with depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety and panic conditions, sufferings from ailments like Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Parkinson, different types of Cancer, Autism, ADHD, pregnancy issues, along with couselling (marriage, career, relationships), life coaching, etc, the highest reward was immense satisfaction. No other reward can be better than this deep satisfaction and I feel grateful to the platform of PnL for making me evolve by being involved in people’s life for a good cause.

Alongside, this association with PnL also helped me connect with people seeking spiritual upliftment and also those who were enablers in the society. Educationists, social activists, animal lovers, water conservationists, environmentalists, motivational speakers, young enthusiasts all have helped me learn in many direct and indirect ways.

After four years when I look back, this journey with Pause n Learn has been cherishing and fulfilling in all aspects and I look forward eagerly to the future in what awaits.

Wishing you all lights for life….

Eager to know how your life changed with Pause n Learn.....

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Truly inspiring 👍👍👍

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