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We are meant to evolve by taking a Pause - Roshini Gour

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Never ever realized before pause and learn that we are undervaluing ourselves. We have immense potential and are the master of our lives. From Buddha's Noble truths to Patanjali's Sutra , from Krishna's Geeta to Kabir's Doha, all seems to become an integral part of my life and are my best friend now in dealing with life's problems. Its a journey, from being an outward going to an inward seeker.

Running outside for happiness had been my life. Shopping, Chatting, Eating Outside, and still felt that something was missing, never had this feeling that true happiness is within. I connected with PnL for practicing Yoga and that unending journey began and is flourishing day by day. Met my soul friends here and we are there for each other without knowing much about each other. This is a wonderful family I am blessed with.

Connecting with oneself has changed the way of my thinking. As rightly said by Swami Vivekananda that by not sitting with yourself, you will miss meeting the most important person in the world.

Here are few of my learning from Pause n Learn :

1) We may be running in a rat race to reach nowhere and even if we win, we are still a rat and I am sure no one wishes to die like a rat. So from knowing the true meaning of life and happiness, to making the most of it, is learnt here.

2) We may be blaming others for our failures, miseries but in reality we are the ones who needs improvement. Sufferer is the cause. For instance, our anger is a way of telling you that you have given the power of your life to someone else and at the same time, peace in difficult times, is a sign of your inner strength, of not letting others affect your inner happiness. Thus making you the master of your life.

3) In a moment, our misery changes to happiness with that pause and failures seems to be a lesson for further improvement. These lessons are best taught when we move within. Inner yearning for improvement gives you answers to all problems. As a result of this, outlook towards situation changes and dots get connected.

We are meant to evolve and by taking pause in between to sit with ourselves, we learn the techniques of evolution.

So, lets pause and learn to evolve and make the best of your life.

Lots of love and blessings to all seekers.

Roshini Gour

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