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Sound Healing for Cancer

The universe is ever expanding which means it is alive. And because it is vibrating it confirms that there is a certain frequency of sound that is functioning behind it.

The yogic practitioners of the past referred to this frequency as Naadbrahma. And the practices that helps you align with this universal frequency enables you to heal from any ailment. In yogic and healing practices, any disorder or disease is approached as a disturbance in the harmonious frequency and therefore efforts are made to bring that altered frequency to its harmonious state. Different cultures in the eastern part of the world practiced different tools to achieve this. Though, the expressions varied but the fundamentals remained the same. One such strong tool is is using sound as a medicine to heal the holistic existence of a human being. In Indian culture sound plays an important role in yogic and classical ways. The bells in the temples the musical instruments various ragas and their explicit impact on human body and mind has been well researched and documented by the modern science.

The Tibetan monks used specially handcrafted instrument called Tibetan singing bowls or Himalayan bowls to address this realignment and live disease free. The binaural beats produced by these bowls creates frequencies of deeper healing and helps one rejuvenate at body mind and soul level.

On this cancer day, Feb 4th, it brings shine onto our faces that we, at Pause n Learn, could help people miraculously get rid of their pains induced by chemo and radiation therapy by our sound healing therapy services. We also do feel blessed that the almighty has chosen us as one of His mediums to bring happiness in people's lives.

We thank all those cancer patients who allowed us to serve them during those tough days and wish them a beautiful disease-free life.

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