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Pause n Learn came into existence in 2017 in Pune, to help people foster their inner growth and sense of mindfulness and peace in the surrounding community. Our spiritual and scientifically designed programs help people relieve their physical and mental pains and improve their overall wellbeing. 


​The founders, Ankur & Manjari, who spent almost a decade of their lives at the foothills of Himalayas and banks of Ganga to learn the essence of life in a traditional Gurukul way, and thereafter contemplate the teachings to help people from all walks of life, and across age groups.

Through our Kharadi and Wagholi studio branches in Pune, we are on an endeavor to bring holistic wellness in people's life at a physical, mental and spiritual level. The whole approach is to help people take a Pause and Learn the timeless scientific and spiritual tools to bring back harmony and balance in life




Tarun Jain

Co-Founder & Director Operations 

ODEK AppCraft

I am so impressed with the hard work and great passion PnL team carries in any of the activity they conduct. I have enrolled for yoga classes with them and very satisfied. They have all qualities I look forward to in any trainer or instructor. Punctuality, Passion, Dedication, Expertise and hardworking and attention to detail


Zara Kaisare

HR Manager, TCS

I joined Ankur's 8 day meditation workshop and it opened my eyes to more than one wonders. My intention initially was to help with my attention issues and increase concentration. He beautifully explained meditation to us and what made the explanations better was the supporting scientific facts which made the magic of meditation more plausible and believable. 
Sincerely believe this is a module everyone grappling with issues like concentration and anxiety should experience. It truly has the power to turn us into the best version of ourselves. Thank you!


Alsu Sabirova

Founder, beMORE-travel

Pause n Learn is a company created with love, kindness and compassion. Ankur & Manjari made it easy for anyone who wants to increase his/her level of life, get healthier and more mindful. Their level of professionalism is incredible. They don't just offer one aspect of healing, with them you get so much: yoga, meditation, sound healing and of course the most needed personal approach and help with anything that you are dealing with in your life. It is an organization that has your best interests at heart Love & highly recommend them!





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